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Arrow  Here at StreamingChoice.com we try to respond and resolve all support, pre-sales and other queries within 24 hours. Most support requests are responded to well within 6 hours however, we often find ourselfs giving near instant response, which we are extremely proud of.
  Arrow Our support available are MSN Messenger, AOL, Web Live Support and e-mail Tickets.  
  Arrow  For e-mail Tickets support, please   Contact Us  
  Arrow  For live support by MSN Messenger add this contact: info@streamingchoice.com Arrow  
  Arrow  Remote Assistance Support: Your setup not working the way it should and you don't know why? How about one of our support specialists take a look at it with you. We will use Remote Desktop or VNC to help solve your issue for you. COST: $30.00 USD Per Hour.  
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